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Lone Relative’s Home

Two-way wellbeing check and confirmation facility

Remote door un-lock (if fitted)for ambulance, doctor, neighbour, etc.

On-site access control via external Keypad, proximity fob or fingerprint reader

Other equipment connections available (e.g. smoke detection, temperature/humidity detector)

Automatic ‘intruder alarm’ set/unset after person has gone to bed, unset when the bedroom door opens, or landing movement detected

External alarm activation to alert neighbours

Timed pre-sets (changeable) to provide automatic electrical events


Your Loved One Fallen Down The Stairs

The system can be programmed to either set a pre-fitted intruder alarm system within the home or, use the Track-In device to act as an intruder alarm system.

When the lone person has been in their bedroom for more than a pre-set time, or between specified times (bedtime), the other detectors will act as an alarm system, activating an external sounder, and a telephone dialler to call pre-set numbers. If no activation has occurred then when the bedroom door is next opened from within, the alarm detection is cancelled.

The home entrance door can be fitted with an electric lock release, to provide remote unlocking facility for doctor, ambulance, etc.

Should a doctor or ambulance be summoned, then upon their arrival. The ‘carer’ can remotely unlock the entrance door to allow them entry when they arrive.

A digital keypad, proximity fob reader, or even a fingerprint reader, can be fixed externally adjacent the entry door, which will allow entry to individuals who have been authorised, on days and during hours pre-determined to prevent abuse, but will also log each entry with the name, time and date within the rolling log.

The managing ‘carers’ will have 24/7 remote access directly to the control system within the home, allowing live monitoring, change of user authorisations, two-way confirmation actions, remote unlocking of doors, remote set/unset of an alarm system, email set-ups, printing of logs, etc.

With the multitude of facilities within the control unit, the system is as flexible as is required.

Other providers systems can do some of the above, Track-In can do them all

Peace of mind for a lone person and relatives