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Vulnerable Person Home Monitoring

Assisted Living System


Multi-room or area movement monitoring (usually at night) for early warning of unexpected wandering within rooms or into the communal areas.

Track-In is a unique multi-benefit, multi-use, localised person monitoring system, providing both local and remote warning options, with no third-party involvement. No data centre, monitoring station, nor equipment hire is involved (other than a basic internet connection to the site).

Authorised users have full access to control all relevant settings and user functions, which allows individual suitability for each property. This unique system has everything that is needed located within the property to be monitored.

How it works

The system uses up to 32 wireless movement detectors, magnetic door contacts, shock sensors, or other devices as with an intruder alarm system, however with Track-In, each movement is shown on the ‘live webpage’ viewed in a scolling list view. Each detector can be selected to be 'ignored' during required (busy) times, and / or set to only trigger in a combination of more than one detector within a short time selectable frame.

The ‘live webpage’ is contained within the on-site control unit, which provides direct access to authorised users at any time, and can be viewed remotely via a PC, mobile phone or tablet.


A movement occurs in an area at an unexpected time (early hours of the morning)

The system can be set-up to notify via: -

1. An automated email sent to a mobile phone. (Most mobile phones have the facility to make an audible sound if an email is received)

2. Activation of an internal and/or external sounder (as with an intruder alarm)

3. Cause an automated speech dialler to contact pre-set numbers to raise awareness


We can arrange for it to be installed or, advise you how to install it yourself. (some electrical and internet set-up knowledge is required)

Benefits Of The System

Applies to all sites

No third-party equipment rental, data centre, monitoring company, nor website rental fees

Control unit and software located within the monitored property

Secure access (username and password) to the on-site ‘website’ style software via PC, mobile phone, or tablet

Complete privacy maintained for the occupants

Remote monitoring of doors opening, movement within rooms, smoke detection, room temperature, panic alarm facility

Local audible warning facility

Full control of changeable built-in facilities to ensure individual requirements